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History and tradition of the '50 MK Group.


1960 Minami Taxi Co., Ltd. established.
1963 Katsura Taxi Co., Ltd. established.
1971 MK park completed. (home shift system implementation)[1]
1972 Introduced priority boarding system for the disabled. [2]
1975 Adopt a BA driver.
1977 Katsura Taxi merges with Minami taxi to form MK Corporation.
1978 Emergency Taxi inauguration.



1980 “Petition on urban transport reform” proposed.
1983 “Discount for the disabled” system implemented; uniform adoption of the Hanae Mori design. [3]
1985 Fully prevail in any reduction in freight trial.
1992 All vehicles became non-smoking vehicles; study conducted on UK system implementation [4]
1993 Nation’s first approval of reduced airfares.
1994 MK Corporation Selected by Elegance Company magazine as top 10 large companies in Japan.
1995 Selected by Time magazine in the United States as “Best Service Company”.
1997 MK Tokyo and Osaka established.
1999 English-speaking driver offering introduced.



2001 GPS radio automatic dispatch system introduced. [5]
2002 Nagoya and Kobe tourist bus services introduced. [6]
2004 Tokyo MK case study written by Harvard Business School as ‘information age’ case.
2005 Next generation call center system introduced.
2009 Fukuoka MK, Shiga MK, MK Sapporo establishment.
2011 Los Angeles, U.S. branch established as launch point for MK North America strategy.
2012 Seoul, Korea branch established.