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Tokyo MK Kabushiki Gaisha ("Company"), in providing various services, recognize the importance of personal information provided by the customers, understand it is a social responsibility to safeguard this information and have instituted a Privacy Policy as follows.

1.Usage of personal information collected

The Company engages in numerous businesses with the taxi business as a core and collect personal information as necessary.

1)Taxi business

In the course of providing service with the use of our taxis and other vehicles, we collect names, telephone numbers, addresses to dispatch our vehicles and register the customer.

2)Related businesses

In the course of providing service as listed below, we collect names, telephone numbers, addresses and register the customer.

  1. In order to use our registered customer service, we request such information as age, gender, income as required to provide the service.
  2. To dispatch our employees to provide service for our employment, bus, and security businesses, we request personal schedule information, information about facilities, and information necessary for invoicing.
  3. For travel related businesses, we request such information as travel destinations and passport information.
  4. Subscription to "MK Newspaper"

For items 1-4 above, for customers who have requested infomration or to customers who we believe may be interested in these services, we may send you communication for products, services, and other beneficial items to the customer.


For customers who has requested information on promotions, questionnaires, events, petition drives, we communicate pertaining information.

2. Sharing of information

The personal information we received will be shared with the following MK Group Companies in order to provide the service requested by the customer as well as to communicate information beneficial to the customer. For dispatching of vehicles, the customer information is shared with the entities below in dispatching the vehicle(s) to the customer.

Regional Passenger Transport Companies
MK Kabushiki Gaisha
63-1 NishiKujyoHigasishimamachi, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:075-555-3132
Osaka MK Kabushiki Gaisha
5-14-36 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:06-6453-5489
Kobe MK Kabushiki Gaisha
8-11-2 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:078-306-5655
Nagoya MK Kabushiki Gaisha
4-1-1 Kaneda-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:052-912-5757
Fukuoka MK Kabushiki Gaisha
3-14-16 Nanotsu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:092-713-5588
Shiga MK Kabushiki Gaisha
9-1 Akibadai, Otsu-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:077-510-7261
Sapporo MK Kabushiki Gaisha
7-1-16 Chuo1jyou, Shiroishi-ku, Sapporo-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:011-812-6565
MK Kanko Bus Kabushiki Gaisha
1-1 KamitobaKitahana-cho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:075-681-8540
Other related companies
MK Sekyu Kabushiki Gaisha
63-1 NishiKujyoHigashishimamachi, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:075-681-8501
Kabushiki Gaisha MK Finance
36 Nishikujyomachi, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:075-682-0674
Yugen Gaisha Tokyo City Escort
1-104-19 Totsuka-machi, Shinjyuku-ku, Tokyo-to
【Contact】Administrative Department:03-52921858
Shared users for dispatch related service
MK Musen Jigyo Kyodo Kumiai
63-1 NishiKujyoHigasishimamachi, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:075-555-3132
Kyodo Kumiai Kyoto Taxi Kyokai
1-1 KamigamoNishigawara-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi
【Contact】Administrative Department:075-555-3132

3.Personal information protection

We have instituted the following procedures for personal information protection.


For each of our operations, we have applied JIS Q 15001 as our procedure and assigned a manager for procedure adherence. We have confidential agreement in place with each of our vendors that provides office cleaning and waste management and monitor their adherence to the agreement.


We have conducted employee training on the above organizational procedure to all of our officers, employees, drivers, part-timers, temporary hires, and contract hires, and actively monitor for procedure adherence.
Especially to our drivers, we have strict education program in place to protect customer personal information.


We strictly monitor our network to prevent illegal access, theft, loss, leakage, and assumed identify access.


In order to protect physical media, we lock or secure the information device and monitor to provide logical protection.

5)Sharer of information

We may loan our customer personal information to our vendors to assist us with direct mail distribution, for outsourcing or invoicing, for our system development, and other puposes.

Our vendors which handles our customer's personal information will have a non-disclosure agreement in place and our vendor selection will be based on the quality of security measures in place at the vendor.

We also monitor the handling of the personal information at our vendor for strict adherence to the contractually agreed procedures.

4.Information disclosure

If you want us to disclose, modify, or delete the information we have on file for you, please contact us at the contact information below. We require the request in writing and will need to validate that you are the person in question and will respond to your request within reason.

We cannot disclose information other than that collected from you.

If the disclosure requires research or other activities that incurr cost, that cost is to be borne by the customer.

5.Customer complaints

Customer complaints as well as request for disclosure should be registered with our contacts below.

Personal information related to the dispatch of our (taxi) vehicles:
Call Center: 03-5547-5551 (+81-3-5547-5551)
Others, including personal information:
Administrative Department: 03-5547-5547 (+81-3-5547-5547)

Our privacy policy may occasionally change based on changing needs and changes to our service.>

Personal information protection activities

Privacy Policy

The Company, based on Privacy Policy included in MK Group's CP Manual and the types of service we provide, has established a Privacy Policy as described below.

The Company, as a member of the MK Group, based on "Customer First" group philosophy, provides public convenience service centered around personal transport service, and operate completely with in the laws. We also acknowledge the importance of protecting personal information as a social responsibility and all of our officers and employees recongnizes and are trained in the importance of personal information protection and procedures and will continue to enhance the program.

In this regard:

  1. The Company will clearly identify the collection, usage, and sharing of personal information and will manage it in an appropriate manner including our affiliates and vendors.
  2. In all aspects of our operations, we will allocate appropriate assets to prevent risk such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, altercation, and leakage on a organization and technological basis and will implement measure to avoid mishaps or recurrence.
  3. We will clearly identify the requirements for personal information protection as mandated by the law and by our corporate policies and implement an appropriate compliance program.
  4. Based on these policies, we will continuously re-evaluate our compliance program and to heighten the understanding of our employees and to improve the program.

Applicable personal information

Our compliance program as applied to our corporate policy herein applies to the following identified with the responsible departments:

  • Customer information (customers and registered customers):
    Responsible Department-Call Center/Administrative Department General Manager
  • Officers and employees (Officers, auditors, employees, part timers, temporary employees, contractors):
    Responsible Department-Administrative Department General Manager
  • Others, Affiliates (vendors, stock holders, etc.):
    Responsible Department-Administrative Department General Manager

Updated September 1, 2009