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* *Making a reservation for the service within 24 hours will only be accepted by phone.


Use WEB to make your reservation of airport pickup from Haneda, Narita.



Use PCS (Private Chauffeur Service) to book a taxi in the vicinity.

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Call and book our 24/7 taxi service.



FAX or Email

Please download the following customer form in PDF or Excel and submit the completed form via fax or email to the following.

Our office for reception of fax and Email opens from AM9:00~PM18:00 on Monday to Saturday. We will answer 1 days after for the request which received overtime or on Sunday. We can receive reservation of the day or the next day, change and cancellation only by telephone. It is NOT possible to accept reservation by fax and Email.


Reservation(EXCEL )

Car Lineup

Taxi Fare

Taxi Fare approved by Kanto District Transport Bureau on Jan 30, 2017

By Distance Stating Fare (up to 1.052 km) 410 JPY
Each additional 237 meters 80 JPY
By Time Each 90 seconds (when moving at less than 10 km/hr) 80 JPY

Fare Surcharge & Discount

Extra surcharge (~2018/8/31)23:00-5:00
10% surcharge
Discount for the disabled*   10% discount
Discount for senior citizens** Over 70 years old 10% discount
Discount for long distances For charges over 9,000 JPY 10% discount
Pick-up service charge Within 1.052 km to a maximum of the starting fare(410 JPY)
*Practical vehicle, the additional fare,will be 490JPY to occur.
Waiting time charge For each 90 seconds over 5 minutes 80 JPY
Reservations in the early morning For resevations between 5:00-8:59 1,000 JPY
High-grade car reservation Van/Luxury (High-grade) vehicle designation fee(per one car / one ride) 1,500 JPY

*Discounts cannot be combined.
**Proof of age (over 70) for seniors discount required.

  • It isn't possible to do the use of the disabled person discount and the respect for the old discount.
  • As for the respect for the old discount, the show of the document that the age which the official facilities issues can be confirmed and so on becomes necessary.
  • There is an other time system fare, too.
  • As for the wireless allocation, a car for pick-up fee is taken.
  • ( Origin of the Kanto Land Transport Bureau guide )
  • The maximum allowed limit is 410 yen.
  • As for the wireless allocation, it doesn't adopt the wireless wait fee but we wait for it at the fare where will be to the time after arrival ( being after the elapse from 5 minutes ) to ( 5 minutes when waiting ).
  • For details on flat fares to and from Narita and Haneda airports, please click here.


Cancellation Policy

  1. Please note that same-day cancellation charges apply once vehicles have been dispatched.
    Approximate dispatch time within the 23 wards of Tokyo is about 30-40 minutes prior to reservation time (depending on exact location) . For other parts ofTokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba the dispatch time is approximately 1-2 hours prior to reservation time. For Haneda airport, 45 minutes prior to flight arrival. For Narita airport, 70 minutes prior to arrival.
  2. Cancellation requests received greater than 3 hours in advance of reservation time will not be charged a cancellation fee.
  3. For cancellations while driver is en route, the following fees will apply: 410yen (reserved taxi charge)+ 1000yen (for reservations between 5:00-8:59am) for a total of 1410yen.
    Waiting charges apply from 5 minutes after reservation time. For cancellations received after driver has ar rived at the pick-up point, waiting time cancellations will apply.
  4. For cancellations made after arrival of flight at Narita airport, 100% of following charges wi ll apply: fixed fare rate+ express highway charges (x2) + parking fee.

Taxi Rate Calculator

This is a taxi fare simulation created using the Google Maps route search function.
Enter your point of departure, destination, and transit points to calculate the distance, time required, and Tokyo MK Taxi meter fare for your trip.
*Caution: The information displayed (route, distance, time required, and meter fare) is only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed.

Do not use highway or toll road

Route optimization (Optimize the order of the transit point)

Total distance
Total time
Taxi fare

*About the above meter fare.
1. Toll charges are not included.
2. For areas with fixed fares, the fixed fares are not displayed.
3. Pick-up fees and late night / early morning surcharges are not displayed.

[Route details]


Taxi Stands

It is possible to catch MK taxis from the following taxi stops.


GINZA 8-chome Corridor Street

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Area Map

Operating Area: Tokyo's 23 wards, Musashino, Mitaka City.